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Design Elements for A Jaw Dropping Custom Home

by غزل موسوی

While constructing a custom home is much more beneficial than buying a prebuilt house, you should know that this project is not a small feat. For your best interests, you must get the design of your new home build right the first time, or you stand the risk of having to pay for costly renovations to meet your changing needs years down the line.

But while most individuals embarking on custom home construction are aware of the fact they can integrate unique features that are suited to them, not many people know where to start. As a result, they end up with stock floor plans that do not give their house any character. To avoid this pitfall, this piece outlines a few design elements you can consider for a jaw-dropping custom home.

Incorporate a game room into your custom home

When you think of additional living spaces in your custom home, you likely envision integrating a home office and a home gym, as these are the most commonly discussed options in the real estate market. But have you ever considered incorporating a game room into your new home build? Admittedly, a good number of homeowners will only think of this space if they play video games avidly, but this is not the only way this room would be beneficial to you.

A game room can function as a dedicated space for you to entertain your friends and play a host of board games and card games without disrupting the rest of the household. Moreover, you can also invest in an array of other forms of entertainment such as a VR simulator, a climbing wall, an arcade game and so much more.

Personalised built-ins for your custom home

While built-in features are not new in residential construction, not many homeowners prioritise them for their custom homes as they assume they solely refer to shelving. Admittedly, built-in shelving is a great way to limit clutter in your new home build, as a majority of your belongings will have dedicated storage space. Nonetheless, personalised built-in features encompass a wide range of things.

One of the most popular built-ins you can consider is strategic nooks around your home. For instance, a built-in nook on your staircase's landing can create a space for one to spend time reading or relaxing. On the other hand, a built-in breakfast nook in your kitchen not only provides an area for your family to gather for meals but can also be used as a cosy spot to complete homework or hold private conversations. 

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