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4 Questions To Ask Your Home Builder

by غزل موسوی

If you wish to conduct home improvements or build a custom home, a builder will help realise your dream. However, working with an unqualified or inexperienced builder could lead to loss of funds or cause your project to stall. So how do you find a builder with the skills and resources needed to execute your project? Below are some questions you can use to interview a builder

1. What Services Do You Offer? 

It might be challenging to manage multiple service providers at your site. Therefore, you need a builder that offers all kinds of construction services, including house demolition, plumbing, electrical work, installing drainages, brickwork, glazing, roofing, and installing internal fixtures, such as baths and cabinets. Check the builders' permits and qualifications to establish if they can conduct these works. In some cases, a builder might hire a subcontractor to work at your site. This should not be a concern if the builder gives guarantees and takes responsibility for all the works at the site. 

2. What Are Some Of Your Projects?

Do not merely check photos on the builder's website. Instead, ask them to take you to some of their sites or refer you to previous clients. This assessment is essential since it will give insights into the builder's work quality and project management skills. It is also an opportunity to interview employees and clients to establish the builder's personal attributes, such as communication, resourcefulness, and temperament. 

3. Are You Familiar With The Local Building Code?  

The building code plays a significant role in determining how to best execute your project. Failing to comply with this code could lead to costly liabilities. For instance, it might be challenging to sell your home in the future. Most builders will hire a building surveyor to appraise their work and issue certificates to prove the construction work meets the required standard. 

4. How Long Will The Works Take?

Experienced builders will not give an instant answer. Instead, they will draw a program dividing the construction works into stages and indicating the time it takes to conduct the activities in each stage. The builder will also make allocations for unseen events, such as poor weather or the lack of building materials. If you intend to move in within a short while, the builder should develop time-saving strategies. For instance, they could increase their personnel or opt to use precast building materials. 

When hiring a builder, inquire about their services, visit some of their ongoing projects, examine their familiarity with the building code, and inquire how long they will take to finish the works.