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Mobile Scaffold Hiring Tips

by غزل موسوی

Mobile scaffolds have one distinguishing feature — they can easily move from one area to the other. Usually, these scaffolds have castor wheels that make it easy for you to move them without the need for disassembly. Alternatively, the scaffolds are made from lightweight materials, hence easing mobility. If you intend to hire a mobile scaffold, read the article below for some mobile scaffolding tips. 

Types Of Mobile Scaffolding

You have several options when it comes to mobile scaffolding. For instance, trestle scaffolds comprise a platform supported by ladders or tripods. These scaffolds are a favourite for most people since they are easy to assemble and use. However, they have a limited height. Patented scaffolds have a higher height limit than trestle scaffolds. The working platform on these scaffolds is set on brackets and can be lowered or raised to suit your needs. 

Features Of Mobile Scaffolding

Your needs should be your primary concern when deciding on the features that you need on your preferred scaffolding. For instance, how high will you be working? Mobile scaffoldings will go up to 12 metres high. However, you do not need a high scaffold when working a few feet off the floor. How many people will work on the platform at a time? It will help you decide the weight limits and the size of the working area. If possible, go for scaffolds with safety features such as rails. Inquire whether the scaffolding is made from steel or aluminium. The primary advantage of aluminium scaffolds is that they are light. Steel scaffolds, on the other hand, can handle massive loads.

It would also be wise to inspect the scaffolding before hiring it. For instance, a scaffold with bent poles and cracked couplers is likely to collapse when loaded. Besides, check the condition of the planks used as a platform.   

Assess The Terms Of Hire

Inquire about the terms of hire to understand your responsibilities when the scaffolding is under your care. For example, you may want to know if the hiring company allows you to move the equipment between sites. Besides, ask whether the company will install, repair and maintain the equipment. Finally, ensure that the scaffold has insurance coverage. 

Safety When Using Mobile Scaffolding 

Improper use of the scaffold could lead to fatal accidents. For instance, you should wear protective clothing when using the scaffold. Additionally, do not overload the scaffold. Finally, do not move the scaffold with someone on board. 

When hiring a mobile scaffold, chose appropriate equipment, determine the scaffolding features, assess the terms of hire and observe safety when using the scaffold.