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How To Create A Home Extension

by غزل موسوی

A home extension is an ideal return on investment project for people that need additional space in their homes. Most homeowners experience difficulties when creating home extensions. However, this should not be the case after you read this article. 

Check the Legality 

Your first concern should be to establish the legality of your home extension. Although you may have a freehold title, zoning regulations and local land planning laws could significantly impact your extension project. For instance, you will require a permit from the local council if the extension works affect the structural features of the house. In some cases, the planning regulations could prohibit you from altering the original design of your home. 

Choose a Builder

Contact an experienced architect and inform them of the proposed extension. Typically, the professional will need the original blueprints to determine the viability of your project. They will also need to inspect your site to determine how best to design the new structure. As a rule, the house extension should complement and improve the original design of your house. Besides, it should leave adequate space to create a landscape or build a deck or a patio. 

Choosing a home builder to extend your home can be quite challenging. Do the following when hiring the builder: 

  • Check the builder's portfolio to ensure that they have been involved in similar projects. You could also contact previous clients to determine the builder's professionalism and work ethic.
  • Inquire about the builder's availability. It is especially important if you intend to flip the property before the close of the real estate high season.
  • Ask if they offer a comprehensive range of services. Remember, you will spend more if you have a lot of contractors at the site. Therefore, work with a professional that can conduct demolition, bricklaying, and interior design works.
  • Check if they have adequate insurance and a highly skilled labour force. 

Discuss Your Budget

You do not have to spend a fortune on your home extension project. Consult with your builder to know how you can reduce construction costs. Use cheap but high-quality construction materials. For instance, you can opt for engineered wood as opposed to hardwood. Alternatively, you could recycle some of the construction waste. Crushed concrete, for example, can be used as a base for your pavements and driveway. Use stone waste to pave your drainage or build retaining walls. 

When creating a home extension, check planning regulations, hire an architect to design the extension, hire a builder and observe the recommended cost-saving tips.