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4 Issues You Should Discuss With a Window Tint Installer

by غزل موسوی

The best window tints are usually selected after carefully considering the needs of the client. This article discusses some of the key issues that you should discuss with a window installer before the window tints for your home are selected.

Types of Windows

Not all types of windows will require the same tint percentage (the amount of light blocked by the tint film). For instance, double glazed windows may require a lighter tint to achieve the same effect that a darker tint film would have on a single-pane window. The installer should therefore visit your home and assess the right tint that will deliver the results that you want on the particular type of windows in your home.

Winter Temperatures

Window tinting can help to reduce how much heat gets into your home during the hot months of the year. However, that same tinting film may make your home colder during the winter months. This is because the tint will block the limited heat available from getting into your home. Your winter heating costs are therefore likely to go up if you aren't careful when selecting tinting film for your windows. A tint installer can help you to select tinting film that strikes a balance between your need to block light and heat without having an adverse effect on the temperature of your home in winter.

Privacy Needs

Another key factor that will influence your choice of window tinting film is the different privacy needs for the different parts of your home. For instance, you may need to install darker tint on all bedrooms that overlook the street. Rooms facing away from the street may require lighter tint because there are fewer threats to the privacy of the occupants of those rooms.

Local Restrictions

Some municipalities or homeowners associations may have regulations that restrict the types of window tinting films that may be used in homes in that area. An installer can help you to select window-tinting film that will conform to the restrictions imposed on window tinting in your area.

The professional installer will also be instrumental in helping you to navigate your way around the other technical features of window tinting film, such as the ability of the tint to block UV radiation without impeding the flow of heat into your home. You should therefore refrain from undertaking the task of selecting residential window tinting film on your own if you lack the expertise to do so.