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Things to Consider Before Installing Porcelain Tile

by غزل موسوی

If you are looking to have new flooring tile installed in your home, you might want to consider porcelain tile. This type of tile is similar to ceramic, but it is fired at higher temperatures, therefore it has a lot of durability and unique finishes. Here are some things to think about before you decide on porcelain tile for your home.

Poreclain Tile is Very Durable

An excellent benefit to choosing porcelain tile is that it is highly durable. You don't have to worry about installing it in high-traffic areas, such as hallways or entry ways in your home, since it can handle a lot of feet and various types of shoes. However, it is not completely impenetrable. As with all tile flooring, you should still be careful with it and not drop heavy furniture or objects directly on the tile. If you notice a hairline crack in the tile, it is probably from placing something heavy on it a bit too hard. Repair the crack before it worsens.

The Tile is Heavy and Difficult to Install

While it's a durable type of tile, that also means it is on the heavier side. Because of the added weight, it is not an easy tile to install on your own. If you have ever installed wood or ceramic tiles, you might be used to the lightweight tiles, making it easy to install it. However, when you pick up porcelain tiles, you will notice how much heavier they are. The tile is best when installed in your home by a professional.

Porcelain is Stain-Resistance

Luckily, porcelain is stain-resistant so it is easy to keep stain-free. While you should still clean up spills as soon as you can, just like with any other flooring, the stains shouldn't set in as quickly as more porous materials. With ceramic, it is not only stain-resistant, but it is easy to wipe away liquids or other types of spills. This makes it a low-maintenance type of tile. Also consider that you don't have to seal the tiles just to make it stain-resistant.

You Won't Spend a Lot of Money

This type of tile also happens to be very budget-friendly, making it a good option if you are on a limited budget. When you want brand new flooring, but don't have enough for natural stone, porcelain tile is a great alternative. Just make sure you factor in the cost of professional installation in addition to the cost of materials.