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What Most Homeowners Don't Know About Handling Their Own Concrete Repair

by غزل موسوی

Damage to your home's driveway, walkways, patio, and other concrete areas can be addressed on your own, and you don't always need to rent an actual cement mixing truck and order large batches of concrete to do this; there are many small repair kits you can use to fill in cracks and chips much more quickly and easily. However, you might note a few things that many homeowners overlook about concrete crack repair, which can mean poor quality repairs; this will help you to avoid this problem with your own home.

The weather will affect your repairs

Even if you only have a few small chips and cracks in your home's concrete, the weather will affect how easily the repair material sets. Rain, snow, and other moisture that settles on the repaired area will affect the consistency of your mixture and, in turn, might cause it to lose adhesion and become runny. You might also need to allow it more time to set and become firm if it's summertime and the air is very humid. Driving over it before it's set can mean damaging your repairs. On the other hand, very cold weather might cause the mixture to become brittle so it doesn't set at all. Note any weather recommendations for your repair mixture and choose your schedule accordingly.

That crack could be something serious

All concrete will eventually chip and crack over time, as the material absorbs moisture and gets soft and starts to break. The freeze-thaw cycle also puts stress on the concrete itself. However, some cracks are due to a shift in the soil under the driveway or other surface. If soil is very soft or moist and you don't address this, you will simply see more cracks form over time. Don't assume that every crack can be fixed with filler but consider if you need to call a concreter to examine your home's property and suggest a more permanent fix.

Cracks may damage concrete permanently

A crack in your concrete allows in moisture, salt from snow removal products, chemicals used in lawn care, and the like. This can mean that your concrete driveway or other surface will not only suffer larger cracks but that the entire substance may get damaged if the crack is left open. Don't assume you can address the crack later; instead, fill it in or cover it over with epoxy as soon as you notice it, even if it doesn't seem to be growing or getting worse.