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What Fields of Study are Available in Industrial Development

by غزل موسوی

As a potential student in the field of industrial development, you may be curious about what career paths are available. Instead of concentrating on the field as a whole, you may want to look into a specific area of concentration for your career choice. You may also be under the misconception that the only option is to go into construction. However, the truth is that there are several fields you can go into. Here are a few to consider.

Industrial Development Design

If you aren't sure that the construction aspect of industrial development is right for you, a position in design may be an option. The design portion generally requires an education in graphic design and computer-aided drafting techniques. If you choose to concentrate on the design method, you will be working with developers on new industrial projects, parks and buildings. You may also work with green companies that are interested in designing Eco-friendly industrial development projects.

Project Management

If you're interested in the business and leadership aspects of industrial development, then project management may be ideal. You will need to focus on construction, industrial concepts and design so you can understand all aspects of the project. Some people who focus on project management in industrial development tend to work on construction sites and in the industry throughout their education. This gives background in both the academic aspect and the work experience aspect. Project managers may be appointed by the city or company, or they may work as freelancing consultation during development projects.

Asset Management

If you are money minded and want to be active in industrial development, you could consider going into an asset management role. This role is ideal for someone with an accounting background along with a background in construction or development. As an asset manager you would handle the funding of the site, appropriating funds for the industrial development project and discussing budgets with the industrial organizations involved in the project. If you are working as a freelancer, you could work as an asset management consultant on jobs that are having issues remaining on budget as the industrial development concept moves from design to reality.

These are only three aspects of industrial development study that are ideal for individuals who may not want to focus on the actual construction portion of the development. If you think any of these focus studies sound appealing, contact your local university for a career counseling appointment to discuss the right path for you.