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Factors Affecting The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioning And Ways To Curb The Problems

by غزل موسوی

Perhaps your air conditioning system is not working as efficiently as you would want it to. There are certain factors in your home, or things that you are doing that could be causing the low efficiency. Below is an outline of issues that reduce the efficiency of air conditioning systems and tips on how to rectify the problem.

Window Sealing

It's important that you check the status of your window sealing in all rooms. Window sealing can get loose over time or wear out, leaving cracks and open spaces along the edges of the windows. As a result, the cracks and open spaces allow air leaks in and out of your house and reduce the effectiveness of the air conditioning.

For example, during summer, the cool air generated on the inside will pass out, and the warm air from the outside will leak into the house through the air leaks on your windows. Call in a professional to identify the source of air leaks in your home and have them sealed. It's also advisable to have your window sealant checked for wear and tear or any form irregularity likely to cause air leaks.

Thermostat Adjustment

Poor adjustment of the thermostat will affect your home's air conditioning effectiveness. A common mistake people make is setting the thermostat a degree too high or too low when compared to the temperature levels in a given time so as to get quick results.

Avoid the temptation to use extreme thermostat settings because doing this does not accelerate the rate at which the temperatures in your home will change. Even worse, if you get in the habit of constantly changing the thermostat settings whenever you want to get quick results, you will hasten the wear and tear of your air conditioning system. Be patient and allow the temperatures in your home to regulate once you've set the thermostat.


Poor ventilation in your home will hinder the effectiveness of air conditioning. It's advisable you invest in an appropriate ventilation system for your home. Call in a professional to create a ventilation system for you if you don't have one. Also, if you already have an appropriate ventilation system in place, let the professionals carry out its maintenance.

It's also advisable to have professionals check your vents in case you suspect there is a blockage. Poor ventilation prevents effective exchange of air in your home. As a result, contaminants accumulate and they may get into the air conditioning system and affect its functionality.

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