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Custom Vs Semi Custom New Homes

by غزل موسوی

You may be planning to have a bigger home built for your family. You may also be unsure about whether you should opt for a custom designed new or home or a semi-custom designed new home. This article discusses those two ways of having a new home built. Use this information to help you to make an informed decision about which option is better suited to your needs.

Custom Designed New Homes 

A custom built home is a home that was designed to meet the specific requirements of the homeowner. Such a home is designed from scratch by an architect who has listened to the needs of the owner of a vacant piece of land. This style of building a new home allows you to come up with a truly unique home. However, it is also very demanding because you have to do research and make decisions on every aspect of the home, such as the materials that are to be used. It may also be more challenging for you to get funding for the construction. This is because some financial institutions may be more comfortable financing the purchase of existing homes that they can appraise before approving your funding request.

Semi-Custom Designed New Homes

A semi-custom designed home refers to a home where the building contractor gives you a number of house designs and floor plans from which you choose what suits you. The builder may also allow you to customise some aspects of the building process, such as allowing you to choose the furniture and fittings. However, the builder may impose a budgetary restriction on those choices that you make. Any additional cost has to be met by you. One advantage of this approach to building a new home is that you may be able to buy some materials at favourable rates because the builder may buy them in bulk when working on other houses that he or she is building. The home may also be more affordable because you will have avoided the cost of hiring an architect to design a special home for you. On the downside, you may end up exceeding your budget if you opt for materials or changes that exceed the budget of the builder. You are also more likely to end up with a home that looks like several other homes. This is because the builder may have offered the same designs to other people who want new homes.

Think very carefully about the specific demands of the two ways to have a new home built before you make a final decision. You can also talk to a homebuilder in your area for additional help in picking between a custom designed built new home and a semi-custom designed new home.