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Things You Should Know about Tilt Up Panels and Why They are Ideal for Your Construction Project

by غزل موسوی

Are you looking for a way to speed up the wall construction of the building you are setting up? Well, going for concrete tilt up panels is a good way to do it. Basically, tilt up panel construction involves the preparation of the site, casting the concrete on a floor slab and using cranes to lift the concrete panels from the ground to the position where you want to set it. This is faster than the traditional method of building the concrete walls using concrete blocks, stones or bricks throughout the wall. However, speed is not the only thing that comes with concrete tilt up panels. Here are a few other things that you should know about tilt up panels:

Architectural Freedom

When you use concrete tilt up panels, you have more architectural freedom to expand the building when need be. Here, there is no need to go through the tedious process of demolishing the walls. When you want to expand, you can easily remove the tilt panels, extend the section of the building that you want and set up the tilt up panels again. In addition, the concrete tilt up panels can be reused unlike the traditionally constructed walls that have to be built afresh when you demolish them.


Tilt up walls can suit a variety of your aesthetic needs and their architecture is not boxy and minimalist. The current techniques used in their construction allow you to choose from a variety of shapes and finishing. The range of finishes includes pigmented concrete, stains, paints and other features such as cast-in stones and bricks within the panels. For the exterior touches on the walls, you can go for a simple look such as a light stucco texture or a more ornate concrete finish. In brief, you have a range of beautification alternatives and you won't be limiting yourself aesthetically by going for tilt up panels over the normal construction of the walls.

Sustainable Construction

Tilt up panels capitalise on their thermal mass to minimise the need of insulation on your building. During construction, the engineers can use non-conductive ties within the concrete to create thermally efficient walls when to maximise insulation. In addition, the ability to reuse the tilt up panels during renovations or building extensions also makes them friendly to the environment. At least, you don't have to buy cement for re-doing the walls all over again. This reduces the strain on the natural sources of cement.