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Some Signs That Your Home Might Need a Professional Drain Cleaning

by غزل موسوی

When your home's bathtub drain is completely clogged, then of course you'll need to call for a professional drain cleaning or snaking out of the pipes. However, pipes don't need to clog entirely for them to need a cleaning service, as there are other signs that indicate the pipes have an obstruction or should be cleaned of debris. It's also good to have this drain cleaning done regularly just to avoid major damage to the pipes that can occur once they do clog, including a burst pipe or broken connectors. Note a few signs that your home might need a professional drain cleaning, if you don't have this service done regularly. 

1. Bad smells

If food waste or sewage is not moving through your home's pipes as it should, you might notice some very bad smells coming from the drains. This waste may cling to the outer edges of the pipe rather than get rinsed or flushed away when there is any type of obstruction, and the odors may then come back up the drains. Don't try to address this with a homemade remedy like putting lemon peels in your garbage disposal or dumping liquid fabric softener in the drains, as masking the odors won't address the clog or other such problem.

2. Consistently overflowing toilets

If your toilets consistently get clogged or overflow, this often means that there is an obstruction that you're not going to fix with a plunger. Water might get past this obstruction but solid waste might simply cling to it and cause the toilet to overflow, until the waste breaks down. When a plunger doesn't fix this problem, have the drains cleaned because a difficult clog usually means the obstruction is in an area of the pipes that won't respond to the suction action of a simple plunger.

3. Reactions from other plumbing fixtures

Reactions from other plumbing fixtures means that one fixture will act up when you're using another; for example, if you wash your hands in the bathroom sink and the toilet starts to bubble, this often means that there is a clog and the water from the sink has nowhere to go, so it backs up into the pipe connected to the toilet. If you use your washing machine and the toilet overflows or you notice that water comes out of the shower drain when you flush the toilet, these are often signs that there is a clog that needs fixing with a drain cleaning.