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Electrical safety tips for the winter season

by غزل موسوی

The winter brings with it shorter days and colder nights. The use of electricity drastically increases, and so do the risks associated with it. Snow and stormy weather raise the likelihood of power outages, which may lead to dangerous situations. That means you need to take good care of yourself and your family. So here are some electrical safety tips for the winter.

Caution on hitting an electric pole

With the reduced visibility on the roads, the chances of hitting obstacles are increased, especially at night. Be particularly careful if you hit an electric pole. In most cases, the wires fall onto your vehicle. Don't panic and try to step out of the car. This increases your chances of getting shocked considerably. You'll be a lot safer inside the vehicle.

However, if you need to get out, your best option is to jump free. Open the door using a non-conductive material and jump out of the vehicle. Try and avoid being in contact with the car and ground simultaneously.

Avoid electrocution by checking plug conditions

During the winter, majority of the sockets, plugs and flexes are in use to run most of the heating appliances such as space heaters and electric blankets. You need to check the condition of these sockets and plugs regularly to avoid electrocution or causing fires. Fires and electrocution are some of the most common life-threatening incidents during the winter. Call in an electric contractor to repair the damaged ones.

One way sockets and plugs are damaged is by pulling them using the cable. The wires become loose, and you may be electrocuted when the earth wire disconnects. It may be a good idea to have an electrical maintenance inspection performed before winter gets truly underway.

Inspect your heating system

Have your heating system inspected by a professional before every start of the winter. Since it'll be in use all through the winter, it has to be at its best condition. Check the belts for any wearing, and lubricate the moving parts. Any damages such as worn out cables and belts should be instantly reported to a qualified electrician.

Use your electric blankets wisely

Electric blankets are also a potential risk during the winters. They need to be in perfect working condition before the winter. About 400,000 of these blankets were potentially faulty in 2012 and were recalled.

When using an electric blanket, avoid having other objects like pets and sheets on top of it. Doing so increases the chances of overheating.

Also desist from folding the blanket, because it may cause a fire. Rather, roll it up when you want to store it.