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Understanding water discoloration in your home

by غزل موسوی

Discolored tap water is a result of certain elements present in your water supply. The following colors can point towards specific problems:

Yellow, orange or red water color

This is a tell-tale sign of the presence of rust in your water supply. The difference in color is based on the level of rust. The rusty water may be coming from either the local council's water main or your own plumbing pipes. If the water discoloration is sudden or witnessed at all taps inside the house, then it's likely to be a problem associated with the city water main. Towns normally perform a periodic flush of the water main in order to eliminate sediment, in which case the discoloration might disappear without you needing to do anything. Although the discolored water doesn't pose a health risk, it can stain garments, so you wouldn't want to wash clothes while the staining is occurring or else the rusty color on your garments might be permanent.

If you notice water discoloration every morning, at a single faucet, or the water clears after several minutes, then the problem has to do with your house plumbing. In this case, you will need to seek emergency plumbing services to change the rusted pipes. If you opt to replace your galvanized rusty pipes using copper, your plumber will need to ensure a seamless connection or else the copper may result in faster oxidation inside the galvanized pipes.

Green-blue water color

This is often a problem associated with brass fittings or copper plumbing. Homeowners may be exposed to serious health issues if they drink this water. Significant amounts of copper in the tap water can lead to gastrointestinal, kidney or liver complications. If your water is green-blue, call an emergency plumber right away to address the problem.

Black water color

If you notice a black or dark grey tint in your tap water, the problem may be mold related, so you should call an emergency plumber immediately. Note that this is a serious condition, given that the presence of mold may lead to a series of health hazards, such as respiratory diseases, persistent allergies, fatigue, anemia and skin rashes, among others.

Green water color

Pure green water color is an indication that there is algae in your water supply. Though when absorbed in little amounts, it poses no health risk, high absorption of algae quantities may result in neurological complications and perhaps neuromuscular disorders.

You should most likely call an emergency plumber if you notice discolored water flowing from your tap.