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Advantages of Choosing Concrete House Stumps When You Need Restumping

by غزل موسوی

Australian homes that were built along the coast tend to be prone to high tides and high winds as well as the sand shifting. As such, these houses were typically constructed atop of wooden stumps to keep their foundation stable and the structure out of harm's way. However, over time, wooden stumps will deteriorate. This will present itself in various signs around your home including:

  • Your home's floors will begin to sag
  • Doors and windows will start jamming
  • Floor tiles will begin to crack and crumble
  • Plaster and paint will begin to peel off the wall 

When you notice some of these signs, it could mean that your residence's foundation is being compromised due to the damaged stumps. It is recommended to enlist the services of building contractors. They would be able to diagnose the cause of your house's deterioration. If you require house re-stumping, you should consider switching to concrete stumps. So what are the advantages of opting for concrete house restumping?

Concrete stumps are stable

Opting for concrete stumps ensures your foundation has a stronger support system in place. This will enhance the stability of your foundation and your overall residence. The innate strength of the concrete enables it to evenly distribute the weight of your home, and this prevents premature wear and tear to your home's foundation.

Concrete stumps are durable

When compared to wooden stumps, concrete stumps tend to have better longevity. This is because concrete is rarely affected by changing soil conditions so you do not have to worry about their structural integrity over time. In addition to this, concrete is rot resistant unlike wood, which would eventually decay if exposed to conditions that would promote the absorption of moisture to the wooden stumps. Lastly, you do not have to worry about concrete being compromised with changing humidity, which is a characteristic of living by the coast.

Concrete stumps are virtually maintenance free

When it comes to wooden house stumps, there are measures you would have to take to try to keep them in good condition Not only do they have to be protected from water damage, but you also have to ensure they are not susceptible to pest infestations by treating the wood. These maintenance measures are not required with concrete stumps. Once they have been laid into the ground, all that would be required of you would be to carry out regular inspections to check for cracks that would compromise the concrete stumps. Catching these cracks in time ensures your contractors can carry out the necessary repairs before the problem becomes exacerbated.

For more information about concrete as an option for restumping, contact a local house restumping service