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Ecofriendly Bricks You Could Incorporate In Your Building Design

by غزل موسوی

When constructing a new home, one of the most important aspects to consider when it comes to the building design is the materials that you will use. Generally, bricks are one of the more common materials preferred by contractors. However, standard bricks are not entirely environmentally friendly. If you would want to construct a home that is environmentally friendly but still aesthetically appealing, you should consider the use of ecofriendly bricks. Here are some of the different options of green bricks that you could incorporate into your building designs.

Ecofriendly bricks made from fly ash

Fly ash is a waste material that is generated from power plants that operate using coal fire. This waste material is typically incorporated into concrete bricks but there would still be tons of the material released into the environment. To reduce the environmental impact of this fly ash, it is now being used to create building bricks. So why is fly ash more ecofriendly tan conventional bricks? The manufacturing process of standard bricks tends to be environmentally inefficient, as it requires the firing of the bricks at high temperatures in kilns this firing process releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, hence polluting it. In addition, the amount of energy used to create these bricks takes a toll on the environment.

Fly ash, on the other hand, is readily available as a waste product. The fly ash bricks are created at room temperature, which eliminates the need for wasting energy. Lastly, recycling this fly ash waste into bricks ensures they do contribute to environmental degradation. Not only can fly ash bricks be coloured as well as shaped to look like conventional bricks, but they also provide you with the same construction standards.

Using recycled bricks

Another option you can consider when it comes to materials for your building design is recycled bricks. Once a structure is demolished, conventional bricks tend to end up in landfills and this causes a negative impact to the environment. Rather than opt to purchase new bricks, which would be more costly, you could opt to use recycled bricks in your construction. One of the benefits of using recycled bricks is that you get to create unique brickwork designs since the recycled brick do not match. However, if you would prefer a uniform appearance, you could always opt for cladding on your structure, which would camouflage the bricks in their entirety. The more people use recycled bricks rather than new brick, the less greenhouse emissions there will be from the manufacture of new bricks. 

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