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Design Trends You Should Consider When Constructing a New Home

by غزل موسوی

Embarking on construction of a new home is a great milestone. Since this process not only takes time but also a significant amount of funding, it is best to construct a home that would most fit you and your family's needs. This is why it is ideal to consult with an architect rather than simply opt for stock house designs. An architect can help you incorporate an array of features into your new home that you would typically not find in conventional home designs. This saves you the trouble of having to renovate down the road. Here are some of the design trends that you should consider when consulting with your architect about the construction of a new home.

Consider incorporating separate living spaces in the design

One thing most homeowners overlook when it comes to home design is separate living spaces. This is because they assume having a living room and bedrooms would be sufficient. However, if you plan to have children or if you already have them, then privacy starts becoming a premium. As much as it is great to have regular family time, parent also need some space to unwind while the kids also get some space to relax too.

Rather than having to choose between the bedrooms or the living room, you should consider integrating an additional living space into the design of your home. This gives both the adults and the kids the chance to have space to relax simultaneously or host their friends, without having living space restrictions.

Consider integrating the indoors with the outdoors

Another trend that you could consider when consulting with your architect is having your indoors seamlessly connect with the outdoors. This can be done whether you are constructing on a large property or have a small yard. The best way to create this seamless connection is by opting for bi-fold doors or French windows on one side of your home rather than a conventional wall. What this does is make the room appear to have an open plan right to the outdoors by eliminating a visual barrier.  

Your room of choice could be the kitchen, living room or even a bedroom depending on which would be more convenient to lead to the outdoors. Not only does this bring nature into your home, but it also makes it easier for you to create an outdoor living space, as it will be right adjacent to the house. You can then opt to have the area shaded with awnings or a retractable roof depending on your preferences.

For more ideas, start contacting experienced architects in your area.