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Why a Homeowner Should Always Leave Asbestos Removal to a Professional

by غزل موسوی

If you're a homeowner and you've discovered asbestos or what you think is asbestos in your home, you might be tempted to remove it yourself. You may have some experience in tearing out attic insulation or drywall and other such materials, and may think that you can remove asbestos in the same way. Before you decide to tackle this job on your own, note a few reasons why it's always best to leave asbestos removal to a professional, even when dealing with a seemingly minor amount of the substance.

1. Regulations about removal and disposal 

In some areas you are allowed to remove your own asbestos, but the regulations overseeing the process can be cumbersome to follow. For example, laws might stipulate that asbestos be bonded and not fibrous. If you don't understand the difference or cannot determine if the asbestos in your home is bonded enough to be legally removed by yourself, this can mean facing fines. 

You also need to understand where it should be disposed of when removed, as you typically cannot just put it in your household trash, bury it, or bring it to just any landfill. Again, overlooking these regulations can mean steep fines and even costs for cleaning up any potential contamination you've caused. A professional asbestos removal contractor will know all local laws regarding its collection and disposal and will ensure they are followed carefully.

2. Protection

Asbestos is only dangerous when you breathe in its fibers, so you may assume that you can protect yourself by using a full breathing apparatus or respirator and some heavy-duty gloves. However, you might overlook how those fibers can cling to your clothes and then get tracked into other areas of your house or that they might cling to your hair as well. Since they can be very small, you may not even notice them or may assume that you're just getting dust and debris on yourself from removing building materials. You might also stir up asbestos fibers from the work you do trying to remove the material. They can then become airborne and easily settle into other areas of the house.

A professional will know all the protective measures needed to keep your home safe. This might include putting plastic sheeting over your home's vents to keep out fibers and over other building materials so the fibers cannot settle. They will have full protective gear for their own use so they too are protected during the removal process.

For the best results, always hire professional asbestos removal services when dealing with asbestos in your home.