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Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Flat Pack Kitchens

by غزل موسوی

If you know you need a new kitchen but cannot afford the cabinets, benchtops, and other pieces that you see advertised from a contractor, you might consider a flat pack kitchen, also known as a kitchen flat pack. This is a fast and easy way to get all the components you need for your new kitchen space without the same cost. Note a few questions you might have about flat pack kitchens and then discuss this with a contractor to see if it's the right choice for you.

1. What is a flat pack kitchen?

A flat pack kitchen is like a kitchen in a kit; you order the pieces you need from a contractor and then they are all sent to you so you can then put them together, like assembling a jigsaw puzzle. The flat pack kitchen makes it easy to get everything you need for the kitchen including cupboards and drawers, handles and knobs, benchtops, and everything else, all at one time. You simply install each piece and then you have a new kitchen without the time it takes to order cabinets and then countertops and then handles, and so on. Because you do the installation yourself, this is typically a much more affordable choice than having a new kitchen installed by a contractor.

2. What if a kitchen is oddly spaced or has an awkward layout?

Flat pack kitchens may include standard size cupboards but they can also usually be made to your specifications. If you need very small cupboards for your tiny apartment or need cupboards in an L-shape to accommodate the footprint of your kitchen, a contractor can still create all the pieces you need to your exact measurements. This too is another advantage to flat pack kitchens, as you're not "stuck" with just the standard cabinets cupboards that are typically available at a home improvement store.

3. Does a flat pack kitchen pass building codes?

Note that building codes usually don't affect your kitchen cupboards and benchtops; codes are for things like plumbing and electrical. However, if you're concerned about the safety of flat pack kitchens, remember that they are made with the same materials as the pieces you would get from a home improvement store or from any other type of contractor. If you prefer laminate benchtops, you'll get the same laminate material from a flat pack kitchen as a contractor. If you prefer a glass backsplash, the flat pack kitchen will use the same tempered glass as any backsplash installer. A flat pack kitchen is simply something that you install on your own after it's been manufactured and delivered.