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Three Ways to Remove Blood Stains From Area Rugs

by غزل موسوی

If someone in your household gets a cut or scrape, the blood often ends up on the area rugs. While this can be a frustrating stain to have, it is not impossible to remove. Keep in mind that if you can blot it up while it's still wet, it is a lot easier to clean. However, if it has dried, the following methods should help you remove the stain from the area rugs.

Scrub Brush and Water

The first thing you can try is simply using a scrub brush and plain water. Start by loosening the dried blood with a scrub brush, being careful not to damage the rug, but working in the stain enough to start lifting and separating the dried blood. Once you have done that, get out your vacuum and see how much of the loosened dried blood you can pick up. Now get a spray bottle with cold water and spray it on the remaining stain. Get a clean and dry cloth and start blotting at the stain until it starts to disappear. Always use a dabbing or blotting motion and never rub the stain, or you can rub it into the rug fibres and make it more difficult to clean.

Dishwashing Detergent

While the previous method works with some blood stains, others need more than just water to remove them. Mild dishwashing detergent is often very effective at removing these stains. With this method, you want the blood stain to be completely dry. If you happen to catch it while wet, blot up as much as you can with a dry cloth, then wait for the remainder of the stain to dry. Now take some liquid dish soap and add it to a bowl of water. Get a dry sponge and dip the soft side of the sponge into the soapy water, then dab the blood stain with it. As you dab the stain, the soap will help break up the stain, while the sponge holds onto the blood so it can be removed from the rug. Now repeat the process with just plain water to rinse away the soap from the rug.


When dish soap and water don't work, it is time to break out the ammonia. This should be left for last because it might cause discolouration of your area rug. You may want to test it on a small area underneath the rug to see if it causes any discolouration. When you're ready, add some ammonia to warm water inside a spray bottle. Spray the ammonia mixture onto the stain, letting it sit for several minutes. Get another dry cloth and start blotting at the stain, watching as the blood transfers to the cloth. As previously done, use another cloth with water to blot once more, which helps get rid of any remaining ammonia.

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