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Follow These Easy Plumbing Tips This Winter

by غزل موسوی

When winter arrives, you need to get certain areas of your home ready for it. One area of your home that tends to worsen during the cold season is your plumbing system. Whether you intend to remain home during winter or go on an extended vacation somewhere warmer, the following tips will be helpful.

Don't Put Excess Grease and Oil Down the Drain 

One thing you might not have thought of is how much more stress the holidays puts on your plumbing system. Not because of the cold weather, but because of how much more cooking and baking you are doing. With more cooking, comes more oil and grease. You need to make sure the grease never goes down your drain. Wipe off pots and pans with paper towels first before washing them in the sink or putting them in your garbage disposal. Make sure you are careful what you put down the sink and use the garbage disposal so you don't cause more stress. Also make sure only cold water is used with the disposal.

Turn Off Outdoor Water Sources

When the weather gets colder, your outdoor plumbing and water sources are more at risk. This is because they are more open to the elements, which may cause your pipes to freeze. Frozen pipes put your entire plumbing system in jeopardy. Since your lawn doesn't need to be watered when it is snowing, you should turn off your sprinkler system and disconnect your hoses. If you have any other outdoor water spouts, make sure you disconnect the water supply to them so you don't deal with any frozen pipes.

Spread Out Your Hot Showers

You will probably be tempted to take all of your hot showers at the same time, but this can be hard on your plumbing system in the winter. Try to spread them out so that your entire family isn't taking showers one right after another. This helps to avoid stress on the system and your water heater. In order to retain more hot water, you can also turn the heater up slightly. Just make sure it isn't too high, or you could burn yourself while washing your hands, doing dishes, or taking showers.

If you suspect that you have frozen pipes, do not attempt to fix it on your own. It is highly recommended that you instead contact a professional plumber to thaw out those pipes.