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Problem areas to look out for on your roof

by غزل موسوی

Despite the fact that the roof braves the elements so that the interior of your house does not get damaged, there does come a time when it just cannot cut it anymore. In order to keep the roof in good working condition, there are a few problem areas that you need to look out for and inform your roof contractor so that it does not fall into disrepair.

The gutter

The gutter is essential in a way that it directs rain run-offs from the roof away from the building so that the building foundation remains fairly dry. In the course of doing this duty, the gutter is exposed to a lot of debris including, but not limited to, leaves from surrounding trees.

This blocks the gutters and prevents the water from flowing away. The backed up water can seep into the roof structure and cause it to rot. It can also grow very heavy and sag or fall away, causing an unsightly appearance to your home.

The flashing

In the areas of your roof where the actual roofing gives way due to installations or design, flashings are inserted to cover that area so that water does not find its way inside. If this is not done properly, there are numerous problems that can result from this.

The most common material for making flashings is sheet metal, and this, therefore, makes it quite prone to the effects of exposure to the elements and oxidisation. Problems to the roof arising from the flashing also come about due to improper installation. Your roof contractor should, therefore, be able to patch this up.

Overhanging tree branches

Overhanging tree branches sway in the wind and rub against the roof continually. This results in the roof being rubbed raw and the protective layer being taken off. This leaves the roof exposed to the effects of rain water and ice. These effects include rotting of the sub layer of the roof and water seeping into the ceiling and causing the growth of moulds which can be dangerous to the health of the inhabitants.

These overhanging branches can also break during storms and fall onto the roof, thus damaging it.


There are creatures that look out for cosy areas within the roof structures so that they can nestle there. While it might seem harsh to put out or relocate a family of pigeons, it is very necessary so as to protect the structural soundness of your roof. Birds, alongside others of this ilk like bats, gradually cause the structure to deteriorate, leaving it vulnerable to the elements that will cause further damage. It is therefore important that these creatures are exterminated.

If you notice any signs of disrepair in these problem areas, be sure to contact your roofing contractors for quick repairs.